BTP of Indiana opposes marriage discrimination

Two days after the Indiana State Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would only recognize marriage between one man and one woman, the Boston Tea Party of Indiana responded with a statement supporting equal rights, privileges, and immunities under the law to all people in Indiana. The party’s state committee called for “an immediate repeal of all state laws attempting or intending to restrict or define the term ‘marriage.” Continue reading

BTP of Indiana President Appoints new VP

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA- Douglass Gaking, President of the Boston Tea Party of Indiana, has appointed Raymond Lady to serve as the new Vice President of the party.

After accepting the appointment Raymond made the following statement, “I hope that I may help the cause of expanding liberty by taking on this important duty. I take this appointment seriously and will serve it with all its due seriousness. The Boston Tea Party is our best hope to restore the republic and to make us once again a free nation.” Continue reading

Rex Bell, Andy Horning accept BTP endorsements

We are excited to have received news today that Rex Bell, Libertarian candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives in District 54 is accepting the endorsement of the Boston Tea Party of Indiana. Bell joins Libertarian candidate for governor Andy Horning in the team of candidates representing Indiana’s newest political party. Continue reading

Boston Tea Party Now a Qualified Party in Florida

Groups become qualified parties in Florida simply by writing a letter to the Secretary of State, listing their state officers. The Boston Tea Party, formed in 2006 by Libertarians who were unhappy with the shortened national platform, has just sent the needed letter to be ballot-qualified in Florida. Continue reading

Boston Tea Party adds affiliates, endorses candidates

The Boston Tea Party, America’s new libertarian political alternative, is on the move. Since the beginning of June, the Internet-based political party has nominated a presidential ticket, chartered affiliate parties in eight states, and is now in the process of endorsing candidates in states where it lacks its own down-ticket ballot access. Continue reading

BTP Candidates on Revolution Broadcasting

Douglass Gaking, founder of the Boston Tea Party of Indiana and host of the IndyTruth Show, will interview two Boston Tea Party candidates on Revolution Broadcasting Saturday, July 5 at 10:00 AM until Noon EST. Continue reading

Why vote BTP?

The Boston Tea Party‘s nominee for U.S. Vice President Tom Knapp writes in his blog why he is running and why you should vote for him. Continue reading